AI Foundry Program 2021

A 10-week intensive bootcamp in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

Inspired by Stanford's world class AI curriculum and taught by former

Stanford AI researchers.

Offered live online to high school students all over the world.

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Info session on June 9th!

Our Mission


AI is revolutionizing most industries. We want to expose tomorrow's innovators to the fundamentals of AI early in their careers.

There are plenty of great AI resources available on the web, but without an experienced mentor it can be quite overwhelming to navigate.


That's why we started the AI Foundry Program — learn how to develop working AI projects from AI experts.

Students Typing at Their Computers
School Supply

Who is it for? 


High school students in grades 9 through 12. 

Basic programming experience is recommended but not required.

Students with a variety of interests and backgrounds are welcome to apply. 

We will tailor our sessions to make sure students with differing experience levels will be able to get the most out of the program.

Our Program

Weekly Lessons

3 hours sessions taught weekly by experienced AI researchers and industry professionals with a maximum of a 5:1 student to instructor ratio. 

Project Based 

Develop a presentable college level project applying AI/Data Science principles to real world problems.


Learn what its like to be an AI researcher or professional in Silicon Valley. 

Meet Your Mentors



BS Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

MS Electrical Engineering, Stanford University


Stanford AI lab with publications in top tier robotics conferences such as IEEE haptics 


Jana currently works at an AI stealth startup in Silicon Valley.



BS Electrical Engineering, Cornell University

MS Electrical Engineering, Stanford University


Stanford AI lab and School of Medicine with publications in top-tier ML conferences, including an ICML workshop and NeurIPS. 


Saelig currently develops ML models and infrastructure at Google. 

Project Examples

Doctor Examining CT Scan

AI for Healthcare

Develop a convolutional neural network to detect pneumonia in CT scans.

Program schedule

Week 1

Introduction to

Artificial Intelligence

Probability and Statistics

Week 2

Supervised learning: Classification and Regression

Python and ML libraries interactive walkthrough

Week 3

Unsupervised learning: K-Means

Introduction to Deep Learning

Week 4

Computer Vision: Image Classification

Computer Vision using Neural Networks

Week 5

Natural Language Processing (NLP): Bag of Words

NLP Interactive: Named Entity Recognition 

Week 6

Case Study: Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving Project

Week 7

Case Study: AI in Healthcare

Healthcare AI Project

Week 8

Deep Learning Hardware

Mentor-led Project time

Week 9

AI ethics and biases

Mentor-led Project time

Week 10

Poster Presentations: Part 1

Poster Presentations: Part 2

Summer Program Logistics

(Fall program dates will be announced soon!)

Program Dates:

10 weeks

June 23rd - September 1st

Program Details:

3 hour session once a week ending with final project presentation.

Office hours throughout the week.

Program Pricing:

$800 all inclusive

Info Session (over Zoom):

June 9th, 6PM PT

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Application deadline is  June 13th, 11:59pm PT

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